NovaSignal Donates NovaGuide™ 2 Intelligent Ultrasound to The Jacobs Institute to Advance Stroke Research

Autonomous, robotic transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound is a real-time neuromonitoring tool that can detect and help prevent intraprocedural complications

LOS ANGELES, CA — February 28, 2023 — NovaSignal Corp., a medical technology and data company specializing in the assessment and management of brain health, today announced the donation of a NovaGuide™ 2 Intelligent Ultrasound to The Jacobs Institute. A non-profit vascular medical technology innovation center, the Jacobs Institute operates at the forefront of developing the next generation of medical technology for the treatment of vascular disease. The NovaGuide 2 system is an automated device that blends artificial intelligence, ultrasound, and robotics. It provides healthcare practitioners with a real-time look at blood flow in the brain to identify potential risks for stroke and other neurovascular issues. NovaGuide 2 will be used by Adnan H. Siddiqui, MD, Ph.D., CEO/CMO of the Jacobs Institute, to continue research on the use of transcranial Doppler (TCD) for continuous neuromonitoring as a way to guide the development of methods to minimize the risk of stroke during cardiovascular procedures and improve neurovascular procedures to reduce stroke’s burden.

“Understanding cerebral blood flow and accurately detecting emboli during cardiovascular procedures can have a dramatic impact on patient outcomes,” said Robert Hamilton, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of NovaSignal. “We are excited to partner with The Jacobs Institute to expand our current applications of cerebral hemodynamic monitoring into surgery using the NovaGuide 2 Intelligent Ultrasound.”

Despite advancements in cardiointervention technology, stroke remains a major complication and can result in procedure-related death. Recent studies estimate that silent ischemic cerebral infarcts, which are common after a wide range of procedures, affect 600,000 patients annually in the United States.1 The importance of monitoring is established in neurovascular procedures but remains relatively unexplored in cardiac surgery despite this known risk. The robotic NovaGuide 2 Intelligent Ultrasound makes it easier for healthcare professionals to monitor patients during medical procedures. The automated capability allows use beyond expert trained sonographers and novel AI algorithms assist with interpretation of the captured blood flow data.

“Vascular disease research continues to evolve and advance because of companies like NovaSignal,” said Adnan H. Siddiqui, MD, Ph.D., CEO/CMO of the Jacobs Institute and Director of Neurosurgical Stroke Service for Kaleida Health. “We’re honored to receive this donation and to continue the important research about stroke related events following cardiac procedures. This donation will help improve access to intelligent ultrasound capabilities for thousands of vascular disease patients in the Buffalo, NY region.”  

The NovaGuide system will be used at the Gates Vascular Institute, the largest Kaleida Health facility and a major teaching affiliate of the Jacobs School of Medicine.

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About NovaSignal

Founded in 2013, NovaSignal Corp. is a medical technology company whose mission is to save lives by unlocking the power of cerebral blood flow data. The company’s FDA-cleared NovaGuide Intelligent Ultrasound combines non-invasive ultrasound, robotics, and artificial intelligence to assess cerebral hemodynamics in real time. Using cloud computing and data analytics, NovaSignal supports physicians in their clinical decision making in several neurological conditions including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and dementia. To learn more, visit


About The Jacobs Institute

The Jacobs Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the development of next-generation technologies in vascular medicine through collisions of physicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry. The JI's vision is to improve the treatment of vascular disease in Western New York and the world, while fostering local economic development. The JI fosters medical collaboration and innovation through partnerships with the University at Buffalo (UB), Kaleida Health, and industry, to be a fitting tribute to the work and memory of Lawrence D. Jacobs, M.D. To learn more about the Jacobs Institute, please visit:


  1. Lansky AJ, Messé SR, Brickman AM, et al. Proposed Standardized Neurological Endpoints for Cardiovascular Clinical Trials: An Academic Research Consortium Initiative. Eur Heart J. 2018;39(19):1687-1697. doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehx037

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