Privacy and Security

We work relentlessly to protect your data.

At NeuraSignal, patient privacy and safety, information and data security are at the foundation of everything we do. Patient identifiable information is never propagated beyond the authorized clinical team. We adhere to all HIPAA standards and train all employees on safeguarding PHI.

Our comprehensive privacy and security protections cover compliance standards for cloud computing and storage, and communications. NeuraSignal’s engineering team have extensive information and data security  expertise. Several of our security engineers have led data security teams at Fortune 100 companies.

NovaGuide Platform

The NovaGuide Platform is a comprehensive and integrated solution designed to be seamlessly incorporated into clinical practice. It empowers physicians with critical, real-time information about cerebral blood flow to guide diagnosis and improve patient outcomes. The platform is comprised of the NovaGuide 2 Intelligent Ultrasound, NovaGuide View cloud-based application, NovaKit exam essentials, and NovaCare service and support.

NovaGuide 2 Intelligent Ultrasound

The FDA-cleared NovaGuide 2 Intelligent Ultrasound is manufactured in a MDSAP and ISO 13485:2016 certified facility compliant to FDA Quality System Regulations (21 CFR 820).

NovaGuide’s software requires user-authentication to log in with role-based access for operations, including: manual data entry, automatic query from an MWL server, and uploading of exam data to PACS and/or NovaGuide View.

NovaGuide View

NovaGuide View is designed by industry-leading security experts and features multiple layers of security to ensure exam data is transferred, stored, and viewed securely. Populated with data straight from NovaGuide, NovaGuide View delivers the full exam experience to help inform a diagnosis – including snapshots, videos with audio, and reports.

Exam data is uploaded to NovaGuide View via an HTTPS TLS1.3 encrypted endpoint which can be securely defined in a hospital firewall through inbound/outbound rules.

How NovaGuide View Works

Data flow from NovaGuide to NovaGuide View

Security & Compliance Controls

Key elements of NeuraSignal’s end-to-end security and compliance controls include:  

Security and compliance controls
BSI: ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
SOC2 Type 2 Certified
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