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TCD and Sickle Cell Disease

January 19, 2022
9:00AM PST

Receive an overview of the physiology of Sickle Cell disease and gain a basic understanding of the critical role of Transcranial Doppler and Sickle Cell. Also learn how to assess for vasculopathy in Sickle Cell using TCD.

Toni Mullins

Senior Clinical Educator, NovaSignal

Toni Mullins is a senior clinical educator for NovaSignal with over 22 years of vascular ultrasound experience. Toni currently works with the Hope Kids organization helping to restore and transform the lives of children with life-threatening conditions. Her research focuses specifically on TCD and those who’ve been affected by sickle cell disease. In addition, her experience in sickle cell research includes the Baby Hug and TWiTCH research studies, helping to save lives of clinically compromised pediatric patients. Toni founded and managed her own neurovascular laboratory for over 14 years. Her professional goal is to continue to inform and educate the medical community on the importance of TCD in preventing strokes and saving lives.

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